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Chief Inspirational Officer
Shauna Hoffman

Shauna Hoffman is an Author, Relationship Specialist, Therapist, Speaker, Podcaster and Coach currently in private practice in Santa Clarita, CA.

Shauna is a member of the prestigious International Coaching Council, a Co-Founder of Speaker’s Studio. and CIO of VOW Media, Voices of Women. In addition to having a Masters Degree in Marriage Family Therapy, she holds a BA in Theater and a Corporate Coaching Certificate.

Shauna began doing Seminars for Corporations combining her performance and speaking skills with her therapy experience. Her fun, creative upbeat seminars and Private Coaching are geared towards inspiring and training the Clients in stage presence, self confidence, becoming aware of body language, podium speaking, learning tools to strengthen their voice and bring their own personality to every live or zoom presentation.

She has worked as a Speaker or Speaker Trainer for a varied clientele from Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Galderma, to Wolfgang Pucks.


At VOW Media, our mission is to empower women globally by providing a dynamic platform that transcends traditional boundaries. We believe in fostering an environment where every woman’s voice is not just heard but celebrated. Our values are rooted in authenticity, creativity, and collaboration. We are committed to offering comprehensive support, from empowering women to manage their businesses to providing the technical expertise required for success. VOW Media is dedicated to cultivating a community where women can thrive, express themselves with confidence, and make a positive impact on the world. Join us in this journey of empowerment, where creativity meets business, and voices are elevated to inspire positive change.